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Customer Voices

Hyrox Coach Max Manroth


"A game changer for rehab and professional sports. I use the Tib Bar preventively in the training of my professional athletes. Here we achieve amazing significant improvements! We are all thrilled!"

Yoga Coach Björn Giesecke


"Very good quality. I bought the Tib Bar to stabilize my knee after meniscus damage. After repeated training, I can balance the weight more and more securely. I look forward to a continued successful healing process without surgery etc. 😜✌️"

Our Philosophy

  • Tibialis Anterior on Lower Leg Anatomy Drawing

    What is the Tibialis Anterior?

    The Tibialis Anterior is an often overlooked and neglected leg muscle. This can have painful consequences!

    Learn the Basics 
  • Get Strong and Resilient with Tibialis Raises

    Tibialis Raises are the go-to method of strengthening the Tibialis Anterior muscle. They make your shins and ankles stronger.

    Learn How it's Done 

That's us.

We are Lucas and DJ. Two fitness enthusiasts with over 10 years of sports experience: weight training, running, martial arts.

Over time, we've built up quite the collection of overuse injuries, to ankles, knees, and hips.

Since we are training neglected parts of our body, injuries have occurred less and less, and our bodies have become more capable. With Tib Bar Bros we introduce to you tools that helped us.