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Wrist Bar – Wrist and Forearm Trainer

Wrist Bar – Wrist and Forearm Trainer

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Unlock Wrist Strength & Flexibility.

  • Train your wrist in all directions: Supination, Pronation, Flexion, Extension, Ulnar & Radial Deviation.
  • Rehab and prevent common wrist and elbow injuries such as tennis elbow and golfers elbow.
  • Ideal for athletes in racket, stick, bat, and ball sports, weightlifting, combat sports, and more.
  • Plate-loadable for fine-tuned progression.

Why train with the Wrist Bar?

The Wrist Bar is a unique training tool designed to challenge and build your wrist and forearm strength in all essential directions, making it a go-to for athletes whose sports demand strong and flexible wrists.
By working on the health and strength of your wrists, you're laying a foundation for improved performance and reduced risk of injury, making it a wise addition to your training.
Wrist and forearm training aid in preventing and rehabilitating common injuries and pathologies, such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow, throwers elbow, climbers elbow, wrist, shoulder, and other elbow injuries.
The wrist bar is suitable for practitioners of Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Climbing, Weightlifting, Fighting (Martial Arts), Calesthenics, Wrestling, Powerlifting, Throwing, and many other sports.
The plate-loadable feature allows for measurable progression, ensuring you can track your strength gains and continuously challenge yourself.

25mm or 50mm?

25mm weight plate versus 50mm weight plate

This size specification refers to the diameter of the weight plate holder. To determine the correct size, measure the hole diameter of your weight plates.

If the diameter is 50-55mm, then 50mm is the correct size. For 25-32mm, 25mm is the correct size. In gyms and strength training rooms, you'll typically find only 50mm weights. However, many home gym or dumbbell owners have 25-30mm weights.

The included clip ensures that the weight is securely held in any case.

How to train with the Wrist Bar?

Load the desired weight plates onto the Wrist Bar, securing them with a weight clip.
Begin with a comfortable weight. Executing the movement that works through the targeted wrist movement: Supination, Pronation, Wrist Flexion, Wrist Extension, Ulnar Deviation, or Radial Deviation.
You can progress by increasing the weight on the bar, or moving your grip further towards the end of the bar, lengthening the lever. With a maximum load capacity of 40 kg, the Wrist Bar provides more than enough room for progression.
The variety of exercises and the ability to adjust the weight load allow for a tailored workout that aligns with your personal goals and the demands of your sport.

Product Features


52 x 7 x 7 cm


Sturdy anthracite-colored steel


High-quality welding. No screwable parts.



Targeted Areas

All muscles and structures around the wrist and forearm

Maximum Load


Quality Materials – Built to Last

Our products are manufactured using high-quality steel, with superior welding techniques. This ensures you receive long-lasting performance without compromise.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very satisfied

Very satisfied, high quality

Timon, great to hear!

You're living the Tib Bar Bros promise:
1. Super high-quality equipment
2. Lightning Fast delivery (2-5 days)
3. Customer service that actually helps and fixes issues!

Keep us posted on your progress!

- Tib Bar Bros (DJ & Lucas)

Nico C.

Perfect for training forarms.

Nico, it's truly the best! As someone with Carpal Tunnel and a toddler, the Wrist Bar is fixing and preventing so much injuries - I also love it!

Keep us posted on your progress!

- Tib Bar Bros (DJ & Lucas)