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Solo Tib Bar – Single-Leg Tibialis Trainer

Solo Tib Bar – Single-Leg Tibialis Trainer

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For stronger ankles, shins, and knees.

  • For single-leg ankle training in all directions and positions.
  • Strenghtens muscles and ligaments around the ankle, including Tibialis Anterior.
  • Can prevent and rehab ankle sprains, shin splints, and knee pain.
  • Size-adjustable: fits every foot.
  • Preferred brand for Knees Over Toes ATG training.
  • Includes a free weight clip (10EUR FREE).

    Why train with the Solo Tib Bar?

    Not only does it strengthen the Tibialis Anterior muscle but also all other muscles, working in different movement directions: Tibialis Posterior, Triceps Surae, Peronaeus Longus, and Brevis.

    At the same time, the tendons and ligaments are strengthened. This versatile training makes your knees, shins, and ankles ever more resilient. The Solo Tib Bar can prevent shin splints (Shin Splints) and knee pain and contribute to rehabilitation. Furthermore, it reduces susceptibility to ankle sprains. It also improves the flexibility and mobility of the ankle joint.

    It is ideal for motivated beginners, advanced, and professional athletes, regardless of their sport.

    25mm or 50mm?

    25mm weight plate versus 50mm weight plate

    This size specification refers to the diameter of the weight plate holder. To determine the correct size, measure the hole diameter of your weight plates.

    If the diameter is 50-55mm, then 50mm is the correct size. For 25-32mm, 25mm is the correct size. In gyms and strength training rooms, you'll typically find only 50mm weights. However, many home gym or dumbbell owners have 25-30mm weights.

    The included clip ensures that the weight is securely held in any case.

    Regular Tib Bar or Solo Tib Bar?


    Product Regular Tib Bar Solo Tib Bar
    Image Solo Tib Bar
    Training Bilateral Unilateral
    ✔️ Fast and targeted training of the Tibialis Anterior.
    Beginner-friendly, as it offers a very stable support.
    Possible to train all ankle movement directions: Flexion, Inversion, Eversion.
    Several muscles can be trained: Tibialis Anterior and Posterior, Triceps Surae, Peronaeus Longus, and Brevis.
     ➖ Training possible in only one direction of movement (Tibialis Anterior). Training is time-consuming since legs need to be alternated.
    More challenging, as there are more degrees of freedom and hence less stability.
    For Whom? Beginners, Intermediates who don't want to neglect the basics.
    When you want to focus on the Tibialis Anterior.
    For motivated beginners and intermediates.
    When you want to work the entire ankle joint.


    How to train with the Solo Tib Bar?

    With the Solo Tib Bar, you can perform a variety of ankle exercises:

    1. Tibialis Raise / Flexion: In this exercise, the ankle is flexed by pulling the toes towards the knee.
    2. Inversion: The ankle is flexed inward under load.
    3. Eversion: The ankle is flexed outward under load.
    4. Ankle Circles: The ankle is rotated in a circle under load.

    For exercises with the Solo Tib Bar, sit on a flat bench and let one leg hang over the edge. Pick up the Solo Tib Bar with one foot. Perform the respective movement 15-20 times. Choose the weight accordingly. 2.5 - 5 kg is sufficient for most beginners.

    Product Features

    Material Sturdy anthracite-colored iron frame
    Padding Comfortable conic HDR foam padding
    Weight 2.5 kg
    Dimensions 35 x 25 x 15 cm
    Max. load 38 kg
    Additional features Width-adjustable. Incl. free clip.

    Quality Materials – Built to Last

    Our products are manufactured using high-quality steel, with superior welding techniques. This ensures you receive long-lasting performance without compromise.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews
    Excellent Tool for physiotherapy

    Hi, i Work with the solo tib bar with Patient and ist's amazing how you can fires the muscles, the combination weights and theraband gives the ankle maximum stabilitytraining options.

    Jr., our Solo Tib Bar is a total game changer for patient rehab especially ankle & knee rehab!

    Happy to see that you're making your patients recovery timeline shorter (and faster!)

    - DJ (Tib Bar Bros)

    Michael B.

    Tib Bar is working great, but its a Little uncomfortable without shoes and my Basketball Shows dont fit at the top

    Michael, great to hear that the Tib Bar is helping you! If it's still a bit uncomfortable, check out our Comfort Foam pads for the Tib Bar or reach out at

    Happy to see you're getting these Tib Gainz!

    - DJ from Tib Bar Bros

    Great Tool for Ankle Rehab

    The Solo Tib Bar fills the gap in my ankle rehab program. My athletes love it as well and the result speaks for it self.

    Steve, ankle rehab is tricky especially given the lack of good tools creating slow/no results! We're pioneering this field to give pain management professionals tools to ensure that the key joints (knees, ankles, elbow, shoulders, hip) are covered, effective & affordable!

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    - DJ from Tib Bar Bros

    Tom M.
    Super Ergänzung fürs Beintraining im Home Gym

    Wertvolle Egänzung, wenn man im Home Gym seine Beine vollumfänglich trainieren möchte. Neben den hunderten Squat-Variationen und Ausfallschritten kommen meiner Meinung nach einige Bereiche der Beinmuskulatur etwas kurz, die man gezielt und effektiv hiermit trainieren kann (Tibialis, Hamstring und tlw. auch Hüftbeuger). Hüftbeuger kann man natürlich auch gut mit L-Sit trainieren, aber die Abwechslung tut hier sehr gut um im L-Sit auch noch mal weiter zu kommen.
    Ich komme mit meinem Fuß genau so in das Gerät hinein, dass das Polster auch am Hacken anliegen kann und ich es somit für die Hamstrings benutzen kann, wenn ich will - ob das nur an meinen Füßen liegt oder bei jedem der Fall ist, kann ich aber leider nicht sagen.
    Der einzige Minus-Punkt ist, dass ich die Konstruktion des Geräts etwas wacklig finde und daher ein bisschen teuer. Schränkt die Funktion aber nicht ein. Wen das nicht stört, der wird damit auf jeden Fall seine Freude haben.

    Vielen Dank für deine Bewertung! Es freut uns zu hören, dass unsere Solo Tib Bar eine wertvolle Ergänzung für dein Beintraining im Fitnessstudio zu Hause ist. Wir haben sie speziell entwickelt, um die Bereiche zu trainieren, die bei herkömmlichen Übungen übersehen werden, wie z. B. den Tibialis, die Kniesehne und die Hüftbeuger.

    Es freut uns auch zu hören, dass du es als vielseitiges Werkzeug für das Training verschiedener Muskelgruppen empfindest. Wir freuen uns über dein Feedback zur Stabilität des Geräts und planen bereits, es zu verbessern. Danke, dass du dich für Tib Bar Bros und unsere Solo Tib Bar entschieden hast - viel Spaß beim Training!

    - DJ von Tib Bar Bros

    kein p.n.:.a.e.k.
    wundererbar zufrieden - game changer

    Es ist ein Gamechanger.
    Frau / Man(n) muss es fühlen.
    Am besten viele Wiederholungen, wenig Gewicht.

    Vielen Dank für die netten Worte! Unsere Solo Tib Bar ist eine echte Herausforderung für die Knöchel, den Schienbeinkopf und andere kleinere Muskeln und Bänder mit minimalem Gewicht!

    Viel Spaß bei deinem Training!

    - DJ von Tib Bar Bros

    Mathis K.
    Gutes Produkt

    Der Zusammenbau des Geräts war simpel und selbsterklärend. Die Anwendung eignet sich nur mit Schuhen und ist etwas umständlich. Damit das Gerät auch richtig fest am Fuß sitzt muss man beim Auf- und Abbau die Stellschraube für die Breite stets verstellen. Dennoch tut die Tib Bar ihren Job. Die Materialqualität wirkt solide.

    Niklas E.
    Great addition to my training

    Great training tool, especially for home workouts! Trains the foot flexors in a way I could not get with bands or other exercice settings. I also use it for Leg extensions and hamstring curls. It´s not perfect, but i aded some pads/cushioning to help it fit better when using barefoot.

    Niklas, I couldn't agree more - this is a super versatile tool that makes leg-day at home, easy! We've added the Comfort Foam Pads now to increase the cushioning. Check it out on our products page!

    Let me know how your training goes & keep up the pain-free gainz!

    - DJ from Tib Bar Bros

    Awesome product for strengthening the ankles and improving mobility

    The solo tib bar as a versatile tool which helps to train the "forgotten" areas. Product is of great quality, can only recommend!

    Malte, thank you! I'm glad you're getting the full versatility of the Solo Tib Bar! It can train ankles, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and hipflexors.

    It's really an amazing piece of equipment for rehab & performance.

    Enjoy pain-free training

    - DJ, Tib Bar Bros