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Bulletproof Legs Bundle

Bulletproof Legs Bundle

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For a strong and healthy lower body.

  • Strengthens key lower body areas: Knees, ankles, shins, hip flexors, and lower abdominals.
  • Reduces knee pain and shin splints: Ideal for those following Knees Over Toes ATG training.
  • Versatile training: Adjustable for every foot size.
  • Durable and reliable: Includes heavy-duty components built to last through rigorous workouts.

Bundle Includes:

  • Tib Bar: Targets the Tibialis Anterior muscle, includes a free weight clip for secure weight plate attachment.
  • Reverse Squat Strap: Focuses on hip flexors and lower abdominals, with comfortable foam padding and an adjustable, non-slip design.

Quality Materials – Built to Last

Our products are manufactured using high-quality steel, with superior welding techniques. This ensures you receive long-lasting performance without compromise.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Yasemin K.
Best equipment for Tibialis Training

I love it! Training my Tibs is so easy

Yasemin, I couldn't agree more! The Tib Bar is meant to be an easy-to-use tool to train your Tibs so you can get back to training for your sport without pain!

Keep us posted on your progress!

- DJ, Tib Bar Bros

Boka B.

Great tool for recovery. Easy to use and comfortable on the legs, comes with weight stoper.

Boka, thank you! Our Tib Bars are perfect for those who are very active on their feet like runners, marathoners, crossfitters and weightlifters.

And you're totally correct! Our Tib Bars are SUPER easy to use and come with a free weight clip.

I'm just trying to help people enjoy their sport/life, pain-free. Glad you're getting the benefits!

- DJ, Tib Bar Bros


Great product and fast delivery. Love the design and feel of it!

CJ, <3

You got the Tib Bar Bros experience:
1. Amazing, high-quality products
2. 2-4 day delivery in EU
3. (didn't use but can) Customer Support that actually solves sh*t

Enjoy the pain-free gains!

- DJ, Tib Bar Bros

Malte S.
Qualitatives Produkt

Ich habe Tib Bar mit einem Durchmesser von 25mm bestellt. Das Produkt ist hochwertig verarbeitet und hat somit keine scharfen Kanten oder Schweißpickel.
Trainieren mit der Tib Bar funktioniert mit ausreichend großem Schuhwerk gut. Der Verschluss hält das Gewicht sauber an seinem Platz.
Ein Problem entsteht jedoch bei kleineren Füßen beziehungsweise Barfußtraining. Aufgrund des Abstands der zwei parallelen Stangen ist es mit kleinen Schuhgrößen schwierig und mit kleinen Füßen ohne Schuhe nahezu unmöglich sicher zu trainieren. Da ich das Produkt für das Training zuhause bestellt finde ich es schade, dass ich nur für diese Übung in der Wohnung Schuhe anziehen zu müssen.
Ansonsten tolles Produkt!

Malte, vielen Dank für die netten Worte über unsere Tib Bar! Wir haben unser Bestes getan, aber wir wissen, dass es nicht perfekt ist. Einige Leute, vor allem diejenigen mit kleinen Füßen haben eine harte Zeit mit barfuß Training. um dieses Problem zu beheben und eine bessere Ausbildung zu schaffen, haben wir extra Schaum, die Sie separat kaufen können.

Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, wende dich an uns unter Wir freuen uns darauf, deine Tib Bar Bros Erfahrung 10x besser zu machen!

- DJ, Tib Bar Bros

Lance M.
Far better than banded tibialis work

I bought these to replace doing similar training with a tension band. The difference is significant; I feel these far better than I when I’m using bands. I purchased both the solo and the normal tib bars, and having used both now I can see that I’m going to get benefit out of both. For straight up tib training, the normal bar is king; for overall ankle joint stability, that solo bar is going to be killer. I think I will alternate both into my training regime.

As one might expect, fast shipping to neighboring Denmark. Definitely high quality materials and build - this is German craftsmanship, not a cheap low-end consumer product.

I did find the sizing a little oddly worded; most folks would just call this “Olympic plates” or “standard plates”. Had to double check the definitions (50mm vs 25mm) before buying. :D

All told, very happy with the purchase!

Lance, I've been there with banded Tib and ankle work - it sucks! I'm happy you found the game-changer for Tib and Ankle training!

Also I'm super happy you got the Tib Bar Bros promise:
1. AMAZING quality equipment
2. 2-3 day delivery
3. amazing customer service (but you didn't need it!)

Keep us posted your progress!

- DJ, Tib Bar Bros

Nuno C.
Tib bars

I ordered 2 Tib bars -1 unilateral and 1 bilateral and they até both amazing.
Everyone, since people with knees issues, to performance athetles are using them for leg extension, and tibial exercises .
Great job!! 👌💪👊

Nuno, thanks for the kind words - our products are made for athletes, whether you're trying to stop pain or trying to perform better, our equipment helps in both situations!

- Tib Bar Bros (DJ & Lucas)

Zeki K.
Great Alternative to ATG

I was looking to buy the ATG version however I’m so happy I cam across this one. It’s as goof as what the kneesovertoes guy offers, however it’s a bit cheaper and as a european I did not have to pay any customs fee. Thank you so much TibBar Bro’s!

Zeki, you're welcome! KOT / ATG training is the future and we're just creating options for those who want to train or are in pain.

Keep us posted on your progress

- Tib Bar Bros (DJ & Lucas)

Harold d.Q.

Works as expected, fairly pricey

Harold, great to hear that the Tib Bar is getting you Tib gainz! Our commitment is to create value for you and other customers who have pain. We do this by
1. providing the best high-quality products
2. amazing customer service that fixes your problem
3. fast shipping
4. a network of pain experts to help you get out of pain.

Our price isn't just a product, it's the Tib Bar Bros promise.

Keep us posted on your progress

- Tib Bar Bros