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Tib Bar – Tibialis Trainer

Tib Bar – Tibialis Trainer

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For stronger knees, ankles, and shins.

  • Train the Tibialis Anterior, Quads, and Ankle muscles.
  • Can reduce knee pain and shin splints.
  • Preferred Brand for Knees Over Toes ATG training.
  • Includes a weight clip (10EUR FREE).

Why train with the Tib Bar?

With the Tib Bar, you strengthen your Tibialis Anterior muscle. This makes your knees, shins, and ankle joints more resilient and can protect them from injuries. It can also prevent and rehabilitate shin splints and knee pain.

Additionally, it improves the flexibility and mobility of your ankle joint. Popularized by the Knees Over Toes Guy and used in the ATG system, it's perfect for both casual athletes and professional athletes; runners, strength athletes, and ball players alike. You can learn more here!

25mm or 50mm?

25mm weight plate versus 50mm weight plate

This size specification refers to the diameter of the weight plate holder. To determine the correct size, measure the hole diameter of your weight plates.

If the diameter is 50-55mm, then 50mm is the correct size. For 25-32mm, 25mm is the correct size. In gyms and strength training rooms, you'll typically find only 50mm weights. However, many home gym or dumbbell owners have 25-30mm weights.

The included clip ensures that the weight is securely held in any case.

Regular Tib Bar or Solo Tib Bar?


Product Regular Tib Bar Solo Tib Bar
Image Solo Tib Bar
Training Bilateral Unilateral
✔️ Fast and targeted training of the Tibialis Anterior.
Beginner-friendly, as it offers a very stable support.
Possible to train all ankle movement directions: Flexion, Inversion, Eversion.
Several muscles can be trained: Tibialis Anterior and Posterior, Triceps Surae, Peronaeus Longus, and Brevis.
 ➖ Training possible in only one direction of movement (Tibialis Anterior). Training is time-consuming since legs need to be alternated.
More challenging, as there are more degrees of freedom and hence less stability.
For Whom? Beginners, Intermediates who don't want to neglect the basics.
When you want to focus on the Tibialis Anterior.
For motivated beginners and intermediates.
When you want to work the entire ankle joint.


How to train with the Tib Bar?

During the Tibialis Raise, the ankle is flexed by pulling the toes towards the knee. For this, sit on a flat bench and let your feet hang over the edge. Pick up the Tib Bar with both feet. Pull your toes towards your knees. Control the negative motion and repeat it 15-20 times. You should choose the weight accordingly. 5-10kg is sufficient for most beginners. Here you can find more details and a Tibialis training plan.

Product Features

Material Sturdy anthracite-colored iron frame
Padding Comfortable HDR foam
Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 44 x 34 x 23 cm
Max. load 55 kg
Additional features Including matching weight clip

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Love this product!

Absolute Game Changer for Bulletproofing the lower leg. I especially love how much you can also get a stretch in the tibs with this unlike with any other tools or exercises I've done so far for the tibialis.
Absolute fan of this product!

Jan, that's totally right - the Tib Bar provides precision & much more range of motion which is crucial for that deep stretch! That stretch is where muscle is grown!

Plus using our Tib Bar from setup to finish takes 60 seconds so no more funky setups or 15-min mobility routines -- just gainz, focus & fun!

- DJ from Tib Bar Bros

søren o.
Game changer

I don't have pain, neither have I been injured. But for years I've often had tension around my knees and in the lower part of my quads - and within a few training sessions with the tib bar the tension is gone!! My quads feel more relaxed and I can push harder on the rowing erg. Amazing product!!

Soren happy to hear! 53% of our customers don't have any injuries but like you are just looking to prevent long-term issues. Glad to hear that in just a few training sessions that tension around your knees is gone!

Happy Tib Training & enjoy the pain-free gainz!

- DJ from Tib Bar Bros

Andreas B.
Great tool

I have benen using it for 2 weeks and already feel stranger and moore stable. The quality is great!

Andreas, that's what I LOVE to hear! Our Tib Bars create effective results, fast -- it's amazing to hear that in 2 weeks you're already stronger + more stable!

Happy Tib Training & pain-free gainz!

- DJ from Tib Bar Bros

Ercan O.
Intensiver als mit nem Terraband

Ich nutze den Tibialis-Trainer aufgrund des Schienbeinkantensyndroms. Ich muss sagen, dass ich hiermit sehr zufrieden bin. Im Vergleich zu einem Terraband, kann ich hier beim Gewicht variieren und beide Beine gleichzeitig trainieren. Ich bin echt sehr zufrieden. Des Weiteren ist die Materialqualität sehr robust und stabil. Im Vergleich zu der Solo-Variante muss ich auch sagen, dass die Ausführung bei der Variante hier deutlich stabiler und nicht so wackelig ist, wie bei der Solo-Variante. Aufgrund dessen eine klare Kaufempfehlung.

Ercan, es freut uns zu hören, dass du unser Produkt für intensiver und effektiver hältst als ein Terraband für deine Schienbeinschienen.

Wir sind stolz darauf, ein vielseitiges Gerät anbieten zu können, das beide Beine trainiert, und freuen uns, dass du mit der Gewichtsvariabilität und Stabilität unserer Tib Bar zufrieden bist.

Danke, dass du dich für Tib Bar Bros und unseren Tib Bar/Tibialis Trainer entschieden hast. Viel Erfolg bei deinem Training!

- DJ von Tib Bar Bros

Mathis K.
Tolles Produkt

Super Sache, tut das was es soll

Mathis, Vielen Dank für die netten Worte! Unsere Tib Bar ist eine echte Herausforderung für die Knöchel, den Schienbein und andere kleinere Muskeln und Bänder mit minimalem Gewicht!

Viel Spaß bei deinem Training!

- DJ von Tib Bar Bros

Great addition to training

Tib Bar Bros is very light, easy to adjust, and it seems really robust so durability will be basically forever.
Very simple to add weight and to keep progressing. I've added it into my training program and I use it almost every day.
Well done guys on a great product!

Kristina, I'm guessing you meant our Tib Bar! But I'm happy to hear that our brand is also light & easy! We're aiming to be the #1 brand for pain-free training equipment in Europe - this means ensuring that everyone finds our brand light & easy :)

Happy Tib Training!

- DJ from Tib Bar Bros

Keith R.

Great product. Highly recommend.

Keith, happy to hear the Tib Bar's working fantastic for you!

Happy Tib Training & pain-free gainz!

- DJ from Tib Bar Bros

Andreas k.n.
I highly recommend it

Does exactly what is promised, and great quality

Andreas, happy to hear that our Tib Bar is working great!

Happy Tib Training!

- DJ from Tib Bar Bros