Why train with the Wrist Bar?

The Wrist Bar is a unique training tool designed to challenge and build your wrist and forearm strength in all essential directions, making it a go-to for athletes whose sports demand strong and flexible wrists.
By working on the health and strength of your wrists, you're laying a foundation for improved performance and reduced risk of injury, making it a wise addition to your training.
Wrist and forearm training aid in preventing and rehabilitating common injuries and pathologies, such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow, throwers elbow, climbers elbow, wrist, shoulder, and other elbow injuries.
The wrist bar is suitable for practitioners of Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Climbing, Weightlifting, Fighting (Martial Arts), Calesthenics, Wrestling, Powerlifting, Throwing, and many other sports.
The plate-loadable feature allows for measurable progression, ensuring you can track your strength gains and continuously challenge yourself.