Regular Tib Bar or Solo Tib Bar?


Product Regular Tib Bar Solo Tib Bar
Image Solo Tib Bar
Training Bilateral Unilateral
✔️ Fast and targeted training of the Tibialis Anterior.
Beginner-friendly, as it offers a very stable support.
Possible to train all ankle movement directions: Flexion, Inversion, Eversion.
Several muscles can be trained: Tibialis Anterior and Posterior, Triceps Surae, Peronaeus Longus, and Brevis.
 ➖ Training possible in only one direction of movement (Tibialis Anterior). Training is time-consuming since legs need to be alternated.
More challenging, as there are more degrees of freedom and hence less stability.
For Whom? Beginners, Intermediates who don't want to neglect the basics.
When you want to focus on the Tibialis Anterior.
For motivated beginners and intermediates.
When you want to work the entire ankle joint.